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Sembox is an award-winning SEO agency, providing local SEO services in the Italian market.
Local SEO optimization is key to achieve great results in a specific country, in terms of getting more rankings, additional qualified web traffic, leads and sales from search results.

However local SEO can be challenging since content bot only needs to be translated, but localized, focusing on search engine relevant nuances.
Our agency specializes in supporting international companies aiming at gaining more visibility on search results in the Italian market. Our services include:

  • A proprietary link building platform where companies can acquire targeted links with Google approved metrics, at the best price on the market
  • SEO copywriting in Italian with expertise in specific industries and business objectives (from e-commerce to lead generation)
  • A dedicated team conducting keyword research in Italian and analyzing the Italian user search behaviour

Search Intelligence

Analysis of italian users search behaviors. How does your target audience search and what do they search for?

On-site optimization

Website analysis and Content Optimization.

SEO Copywriting

Planning content based on user needs and according to the logic of Google’s algorithms.

Link Building

Links from important italian sources, and mentions of your brand online, will increase the visibility of your site on Google results in Italy


Link Building specific for the Italian Market

Link building is a key aspect of any SEO strategy either local and international.
Identifying high-quality and relevant links for SEO can also be considered part of a digital PR strategy, combining the possibility to publish relevant content on industry-leading portals.
However, acquiring backlinks and for organizations can be challenging, especially when approaching a new market, where companies are not familiar with local publishers and experience difficulties in identifying the right context and establishing business relations.

To facilitate the process of building a local link strategy on the Italian and international market, Sembox has developed BeyondTheSite, an innovative platform allowing an easy definition of your link bulding solutions by matching demand (from companies) and supply (from publishers, bloggers, etc) of highly qualified content.
Below are some examples of high quality content providers for link building and digital PR on the Italian market

  • Local newspapers or magazines
  • Industry related bloggers
  • Italian leading websites across multiple industries
  • Social media creators and influencers


E- Commerce SEO Agency

WE’re specialized in providing services to boost e-commerce sales through a deep understanding of SEO related fundamentals, e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, WooCommerce) and migration issues.

Our agency is a certified Shopify partner and has managed a variety of SEO e-commerce projects specifically delevoped to meet Shopify requirements. and needs. Our team of Shopify web developers has a broad expertise with optimizing site architecture, site maps, content and technical fundamentals.
E-commerce migrations are also included in our core services, since migrations can be very critical without having a clear plan and understanding of SEO best practice.
Our SEO e-commerce activities are designed according to the following steps:

  • Developing an e-commerce business plan that can be specific for each market. We provide SEO-localization services in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish.
  • Evaluating technical fundamentals for specific e-commerce platforms:: we start by analyzing the main technical optimizations to apply to your store.
  • Building an effective site architecture: the main issues with Shopify are related to the lack of hierarchy that needs to be addressed.
  • Developing a content strategy: making sure that the store is optimized according to SEO best practice..
  • Defining an e-commerce digital PR strategy: to reach out to the right target audience


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