Search-Driven Strategy

This is a digital challenge in the real estate world, and it requires an increasing understanding of users’ search intent and the ability to respond in a consistent and customized way. Increase digital visibility, personalize search results, explode the potential of automation. Here is a look at some industry leaders’ projects.


One of the main portals featuring residential and commercial real estate ads. We support the team by helping them define their SEO strategies.


Historic real estate portal owned by the RCS Group. We set up the migration project from the old portal to the new website and configurated the web analytics tools.


Number One Italian real estate company. We have been supporting the Group as they have grown over the past 6 years. We manage their SEO and Search Advertising activities.


Leading Italian real estate franchising network. For the Tecnocasa group we plan all of the activities that promote online visibility. From SEO to social media marketing and Search Advertising.


The main Italian portal for professionals. Since it was launched just a few years ago, the website has established itself as an industry leader. We manage the on and off site SEO activities for Wikicasa.