Innovative Lead Generation Solutions

This is a challenging market, with acquisition targets that require steadily greater precision when it comes to profiling and identification of high-performance lead generation solutions. We focus significantly on data analysis and we monitor the entire online and offline conversion process. Here are a few projects.

Grazie a un’esperienza di oltre 320 anni, Aviva è tra i principali Gruppi assicurativi a livello internazionale. Affianchiamo Aviva nel percorso di digital trasformation.

With over 320 years of experience, Aviva is one of the world’s leading insurance companies. We support Aviva in its digital transformation journey.

This is a leading British insurance company, with over 33 million customers in 16 countries. They entrusted us with their Digital Marketing (Search & Social Advertising) activities.


Generali Group’s main insurance operator that is active in multiple businesses, from mobility to travel and home insurance products. For Europ Assistance we manage the SEO, Digital ADV, as well as the development and maintenance of the company blog.


Leading French insurance group. We have supported AXA in the digitalization of its marketing offer through SEO consulting, web analytics and Digital Marketing.


This banking group in the Lombardy region is one of the leaders on the Italian market. For BPM we have provided SEO consulting and optimization activities both on and off site.


This is a credit company of the BPM group. For Profamily we provide lead acquisition activities through Search and Social campaigns and we designed their conversion funnel.